Answers to all your burning questions (and who answers them):

  • Is marketing to developers a big deal?
    Jo Stichbury, /Data

  • How can I use developer personas?
    Cliff Simpkins, Microsoft

  • What’s the best way for email marketing to reach developers?
    Desiree Motamedi, Facebook

  • How important is community?
    Jacob Lehrbaum, Salesforce

  • How do I build a developer marketing program?
    Luke Kilpatrick, Nutanix

  • What’s the best way to structure developer relations?
    Dirk Primbs, Google

  • How can I reposition my brand to developers?
    Siddhartha Agarwal, Oracle

  • How can I connect developers with experts?
    Thomas Grassl, SAP

  • If I built it, how will I make them come?
    Lori Fraleigh, Samsung

  • How about a hands-on lab for effective DevRel?
    Larry McDonough & Joe Silvagi, VMware

  • Can a small event impact my ecosystem?
    Luke Kilpatrick & Neil Mansilla, Atlassian

  • How can I connect with developers when I can’t meet them?
    Pablo Fraile & Rex St. John, ARM

  • Is hardware the new software?
    Ana Schafer & Christine Jorgensen, Qualcomm

  • How do I go about working with a creative agency?
    Mike Pegg, Google

  • What makes a great developer event?
    Katherine Miller, Google

  • How can I create great content?
    Matthew Pruitt, Unity

  • How can I win the developers’ hearts?
    Brian McManus, VISA

  • Which is the best way to attract, engage and retain developers?
    Stephen Donnelly, Accenture

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Written by developer marketing and relations thought leaders, from the world’s top tech firms

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Jo Stitchbury, Senior Analyst & Freelance, Technical Writer  | SlashData

Nicolas Sauvage, Sr. Director of Ecosystem | TDK-InvenSense

Andreas Constantinou, CEO & founder | SlashData

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All profits from book sales will be donated to worthy coding causes around the world, that help shape the future of software development.

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